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We provide a wide range of professional services in various types of insurance and risk management. We undertake communication with underwriters and managers related to the conclusion, maintenance and servicing of insurance contracts. In all areas of our activity, we offer customers flexible, innovative solutions, we strive to provide both the maximum amount of insurance coverage and significant savings on its acquisition.

Identification and risk assessment

Assessing the risks to which your business is exposed, analyzing the history of losses and current insurance contracts, we develop and offer the optimal solution for insurance protection. It is important for us to provide tranquility that allows you to focus on running business.

Preparation and holding of tenders

Our knowledge and experience allow us to place even the most difficult risks on favorable terms in reliable insurance companies. Organizing the contest among potential insurers, we get several offers at once, from which we will help choose the most profitable, fully meeting the requirements of the client.

Coordination of individual insurance conditions

We will coordinate and provide you with the unique conditions of insurance coverage and cost, based on your needs and characteristics. With us you can be sure that you will get the best insurance conditions.

Analysis of insurance conditions

There are many specific points in each insurance contract, which, as a rule, clients do not pay attention to, however, such details can be the reason for refusal of insurance payment. Our participation in the insurance process makes it possible to enter into a contract without "pitfalls".

Accompaniment of insurance contracts

We carry out all work on accompaniment of your insurance contracts: registration, prolongation, control of the schedule payment of the insurance premium, modification, termination, etc. Our activities save you and your employees time.

Settlement of losses

In case of an insured event, our specialists will make every effort to obtain the best result for the client. Our main goal is to settle insurance claims in the optimal time according to customer expectations and eliminate unforeseen situations.